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The Seattle to Bremerton Ferry

The Seattle to Bremerton Ferry is something of an institution. So much so that visitors anticipate it as one of the aspects of their visit that they’re looking forward to. It proves the old adage that sometimes the journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination.

A Long Tradition


The Seattle to Bremerton ferry has been running for decades. It has been run and operated by the Washington state ferry system, which is the largest system of ferries in the United States, but the route has been utilized for even longer than that. It began its life being known as “The Navy Yard Route.” It was a route utilized before the ferries took over. Steamships and steamboats used the route from Seattle to Bremerton as a means of transporting goods. The first ferry to travel the route was the Bailey Gatzet, converted from a sternwheeler to an automobile ferry to meet a growing desire by everyday people looking to travel the route themselves.

The tradition continues proudly today through the Washington state ferry system.

 Learn The Route And Enjoy The View


Anyone interested in taking the Seattle to Bremerton ferry will begin their journey at the Washington State Ferry Terminal. The terminal can be found on the Central Seattle waterfront. Kaleetan and Hyak are the two ferries currently assigned to the route. The trip itself shouldn’t take longer than an hour, and is often somewhere in the 45-50 minute range.

Those who are taking the Seattle to Bremerton ferry for the first time come back with rave reviews about the experience. You wouldn’t think that taking a ferry could be such an agreeable experience, but those who do take it come back with surprising responses. Perhaps people enjoy the route so much because of the visual tour of the area it allows. The portion of the United States in which Seattle and Bremerton can be found have always been noted for its stellar, quiet beauty in the weather and surroundings. What better way to enjoy a piece of that than to take a slow ferry ride along the waterfront? Fans of the route particularly enjoy the view of the skyline that the ferry ride affords. And since the route isn’t too long, but still comes in at about an hour or less, you have plenty of time to enjoy the view.

Further Route Information


Longtime residents of the area will probably know the fare and schedule already, but those who don’t should know that the current rates are 7.70 for adults (19-64) and 6.20 for youth (6-18). There is a special discount for seniors over 65 and disabled individuals (3.85). Multi-ride and monthly passes are also available.

The rates for different vehicles do vary from one to the other, so check with the Washington State Department of Transportation’s website to get an exact figure. The rates are probably going to strike you as reasonable across the board, so you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying the Seattle to Bremerton ferry.